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Play blackjack online Canada games

Canada is known as the country with loyal and tolerant laws. Gambling is legal there. Therefore, all adults there (in some provinces, these are people over 19, and in some provinces — 18+) can play blackjack online Canada games not only for fun but for money.

Play blackjack online Canada games according to the rules

The “ideal” goal of any blackjack play-online game is to get 21 with 2 cards that come to him. If it does not happen, the gambler can ask for additional cards to come to 21 (or close). If he exceeds 21, he busts and loses. The gamer wins when he does not bust but gets more cards points than the croupier.

Cards values and bets in BJ

Blackjack game can use up to 8 decks. The Ace is worth 1 or 11 points, the “figures” give 10 and cards with “numbers” provide the points equivalent to their face value. The smallest bet is traditionally 10 CAD, but it depends. The maximum bet can be limited.

When all have made their bets, the croupier gives a card to each gambler starting from his left and going clockwise. Then, he takes a card himself, and then gives gamers their second card, always in the same order. Further, the croupier asks each one, always starting from his left, if the game participant wants an additional card or not. He cannot take any personal initiatives; he follows the rule to draw to 16, and stand at 17. When the croupier has an Ace among his cards, he must count it for 11 points if with this value he reaches 17 or more. The game comes to its end when any player wins at least one point on the dealer without exceeding 21 or when the croupier busts.

BJ insurance

Those, who play blackjack online Canada games, must also know how to deal with the BJ Insurance. If the dealer’s first visible card is an Ace, he will offer gamer insurance. With insurance, he can bet up to half of the initial bet so that the second card of the croupier has a value of 10 and plays blackjack naturally, that is, with two cards. In this case, the player loses his original bet, but gains insurance and therefore makes a neutral trade.

Playing BJ for fun

The best moment in internet games is that now everyone can play blackjack online free games with friends. Gamblers, who love spending hours on gaming estimate this opportunity more than other people. The reason for it is evident — it is too difficult to find BJ opponents in real life: people either cannot play this game, or not interested in it, or simply are busy. Here are the casinos they can find blackjack in:

  • Spin Palace;
  • Ruby Fortune;
  • Jackpot City;
  • Royal Vegas;
  • PlayAmo and other gambling sites, where they can play blackjack online Canada games.

The Internet gives people a stunning chance to find a rival anytime and BJ games involve millions of players not only from Canada but from other countries and even continents.

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