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Blackjack Rules – In-Depth Guide for Beginners on How to Play This Game

Along with poker, blackjack is the favorite game of Canadian gamblers. What makes blackjack so special is that you are always playing against the dealer. Also known as 21, this game has pretty simple rules – so you can master blackjack in just a few minutes. However, keep in mind that it will take a long time before you become a professional blackjack player.

The low house edge is another important feature of this card game. By playing online or on your smartphone, you have good chances of big wins. However, the blackjack rules are where you need to start. Fortunately, there are many tutorials and free game options that will help you quickly master the rules of blackjack with minimal financial investment. We’ve highlighted several important features in this article – so, read on to find out more about this popular game.

Blackjack Rules – Splitting

Many versions of online blackjack available at Canadian online casinos give you the ability to split pairs (same cards) to form two hands and bet on two hands. You have the ability to split any pair – but is it always worth doing? Here are a few important things to know about the split rules in blackjack:

  • Splitting is a real art and requires impeccable knowledge of blackjack rules at the very least – your decision depends on the card of the dealer.
  • Always split if you have a pair of eights or a pair of Aces in hand – especially since playing two Aces in hand looks like a bad strategy.
  • Don’t split a pair of nines as these cards form a pretty strong hand by themselves.
  • Don’t split a pair of fives as they form a good doubling down hand. Also, don’t split a pair of fours.
  • Split a pair of low cards if the dealer also has a low card. For example, with 3-3, you should take the chance to form two new potentially profitable hands.

All of the above tips are based on mathematical modeling of various gaming situations and take into account casino blackjack rules.

Blackjack Game Rules – Betting

While it is a fun game, blackjack is about the betting and win/loss cases in the first place. Here’s what you need to know about betting in blackjack:

  1. The betting range in blackjack is between $ 5 and $ 500 per game round – you rarely find a game with other betting limits.
  2. After making a hand of 21 or beating the dealer, you are paid 3 to 2 according to the betting and payout blackjack rules. However, some casinos offer other options – 6 to 5 and others. Avoid such games as they are more beneficial for the casino.
  3. The dealer must follow the actions prescribed by the blackjack rules of the casino – stand on hard 17 and hit a 16 or lower. However, these rules may differ in some game options thereby increasing the house edge by an additional 0.20% – avoid such games.

In addition, there is an insurance bet that allows you to avoid losing if the dealer has blackjack. However, professionals know that this bet is too risky.

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