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All cards are divided into four suits – hearts, spades, diamonds, clubs. In this case, by default, it is accepted that hearts and diamonds have a red color value, and clubs and spades are black. Each card also has its own rank. There are 13 ranks – one card of each rank for each suit. The cards are ranked as follows: 2 (two), 3 (three), 4 (four), 5 (five), 6 (six), 7 (seven), 8 (eight), 9 (nine), 10 (ten), Jack, Queen, King and Ace.

The seniority of the cards is determined by the specific rules of the game. Despite the fact that it seems intuitively that the ace is the highest of all cards, this is not always the case. There are games in which the ace is the lowest card, or the seniority of the cards does not matter at all. Also, the seniority of suits, as a rule, does not matter in casino games, or is determined by specific rules of the game.

There are several of the most common card games in casinos. Each of them has a unique set of rules that, on the one hand, are easy to learn by any person, on the other hand, they are quite variable. That is, they provide an opportunity for various decisions and, as a consequence, the outcomes of events.

Black Jack

Black Jack – The goal of the game is to get more points on your cards in order to beat the dealer. The maximum combination in blackjack is 21 points. If the player or the dealer gets more than 21 points, then he automatically loses. Therefore, in blackjack, it is often important not to score good points yourself, but to wait for the dealer to get brute-force.

In blackjack, the probability of cards coming out depends on which cards left the game before. Thus, it differs from roulette (where the drawing of a number does not depend on the previous one) blackjack is a very smart game. There are players who use their knowledge and skills to have a mathematical edge in casino blackjack. There are several basic strategies (for each specific rules – a separate strategy) that allow you to optimize your game and the average player. There are many different variants of blackjack in the world, as well as games with similar rules. Here are just a few of them: Pontun, Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch.

Poker is a type of gambling that is divided into two main types: Poker between players and Poker against casinos.

Even before there were casinos, players were betting against each other. And the poker that is known to most people on the planet is built precisely on this principle – the game is played between the players themselves. Whereas all casino games are based on the fact that players place bets not against each other, but against the gambling house, which not only regulates the games and is responsible for honesty and safety, but is also the respondent for the players’ bets.

Player-to-player poker is the world’s popular Texas Holdem Poker and Omaha Poker games, as well as some other lesser known varieties. Such poker is played not only in casinos, but also in private clubs, home games and parties. The casinos are known primarily for poker championships, the most important of which is the World Series of Poker (WSOP) held every year in Las Vegas, USA. Various poker tournaments and championships are held all over the world in real casinos and on the Internet. Due to its unique intellectual component of the game, tournament poker is recognized as a sport in some countries. They play poker and just for money, the so-called cash games, when each bet in the game has its own cash equivalent.

Poker vs casino is a completely different game. When a gambling house becomes an opponent instead of a player, the rules change. In fact, in such games there is no room for bluffing, because the croupier acts according to a previously known scheme and does not care what bet (within the framework of the rules of the game) the player makes. The most famous representative of such poker is Oasis Stud Poker. Many gambling establishments already have a casino-adapted game called Casino Texas Holdem Poker.

Based on the characteristics of each specific poker game, it is always recommended to clarify what exactly is being discussed. What poker are we going to play? Since each time this concept can mean completely different games.


Baccarat- surrounded by a romantic halo of bondiads and the most popular game in Asia. In baccarat, each player can place a bet on who will win in the upcoming deal of cards – a ponter (ponte) or a banker (banco). That is why this game is often called “Punto Banco”. The rules of baccarat are simple – two cards are dealt to the ponter and to the banker, and then, depending on the cards dropped, a decision is made whether to take another card for each of the opponents. The winner is the one with the most points (no more than nine), which are counted according to a certain system. Initially, in the 19th century, the game of baccarat was played between the players themselves (like poker), but eventually it was transformed into a pure casino game, where the gambling establishment is always responsible for the bets. Baccarat is somewhat reminiscent of the game of red and black on Roulette – it is so simple combinatorics. Received two cards – looked, opened for comparison. Often, the showdown function is not even trusted by the players – this is done by the casino dealer. All the beauty of baccarat is in the excitement, in the drawing of cards by the players, in passion and big bets. Compared to blackjack and poker, intelligence in baccarat is practically not required.

Various card games in Casino

There are many different card games that can be played in gambling houses, both real and virtual. Some of them are popular in certain regions, others are available only in specific gambling establishments. Some are outdated, others are just gaining popularity, for example, there are games that are not varieties of the above described blackjack and poker.

Description of the game Solitaire

One of the oldest card games that originated in France several centuries ago is now also found in online casinos. We are talking about solitaire games, which have a lot of varieties. Solitaire gained particular popularity during the time of Napoleon. At the end of the last century, solitaire games found a second life, and with the advent of computers, their popularity has grown exponentially. The most popular solitaire games are Klondike Solitaire, Spider and Solitaire. Almost every computer user has played these games, but not everyone knows that solitaire can also be played for money in a casino.

Solitaire games are divided into simpler and more complicated ones. Even beginners can handle the former – all you need is patience. More complex solitaire games can be dealt with by experienced players who know how to calculate complex combinations. Each type of solitaire has a different start and rules. But ultimately the player must collect all the cards in certain combinations, which will be considered a win.

One of the varieties of this game is grandpasiance. It requires two decks of cards. If descending order is applied in solitaire, the player must place the lowest card on the highest one. If an ascending order is used, then the opposite is true.

There are several terms in solitaire that refer to certain positions in the game. Cards that are not used at the start of the game are called a heap (team or place). When a player removes one card from another, this is denoted by the term translation. The cards that become open during the layout are called a store or reserve. They are placed on the sidelines, and the order remains unchanged. Shops are open and closed (only the back of the first card is visible).

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